The overall goal of this challenge is to see if the Android community can find the one combination of 5 elements which will result in a stable life-form.

Here’s how it works:

Each element contains 5 attributes A, B, C, D, E, some of which are positive, others which are negative. This is called the element’s signature. Example: Element X may have a signature of (+5, -2, +7, +8, -6).  This means Element X has an A attribute of +5, a B attribute of -2, a C attribute of +7, a D attribute of +8, and an E attribute of -6.  When two elements are selected, their A attributes are added, as are their B attributes, C attributes, D attributes, and E attributes. As an example, if a user were to select 5 Element Xs and attempt to create a life-form, the new compound will have the signature (+25, -10, +35, +40, -30), and the application would inform the user that Element X sub 5 is unstable due to A+, B-, C+, D+, E-. The actual values are never reveled to the user. Each element has a unique attribute set, with values ranging primarily from -8 to 8 (excluding 0), although most elements have one attribute with a significantly higher or lower value. A stable life-form results from when a 5 element compound has a signature of  (0, 0, 0, 0, 0). Only 1 of these such compounds exist.

Note: Order is not important when building a compound. Si Si H H O is the same as H Si O Si H. Elements can be used multiple times in each compound.

Each user is limited to 50 combinations per device per day. Because of this, it is vital for the community to form some kind of central hub to share resources and work to devise a logic scheme to create a stable life-form. It is up to the Android community to organize itself and figure out how to do this. Individually, it would take an incredible amount of luck to stumble upon the answer, however with the resources of the entire community working together, it shouldn’t be too difficult to decipher the logic.

A code will be revealed when a stable life-form is developed. Send this code and the element form of the life-form to the developer blog or email so a new puzzle can begin.

A similar puzzle to this will be released on the iPhone in the near future to determine which platform truly contains the most best and brightest user base.

Good luck.